5 ways how to find right builder in Pune


After a dormant period that lasted nearly five years people are again planning to go home shopping. There has been significant amount of increase in home buyers. But as there is increase in home buyers there is equal amount of increase in builders also. Many new projects are coming up with new facilities, features, amenities, and price. People have started investing in homes and thus it has created a huge impact on real estate. Land is the most important factor and is available in great quantity in Pune. Best way to find a builder in Pune has become a difficult task due to large amount of projects at different places with different prices and features. To find best homes in Pune you need to know a right channel and procedure for the same.


Here are 5 best ways to find a right builder in Pune


  1. The best way is to find out its presence on social media sites such as Facebook. Social media sites provide a clear picture of how a construction company is doing. How many people are recommending and following the page. What are the comments that people leave, any personal experience that they have. Based on this you can find a good builder.


  1. Next you can visit their official website where you can get a glimpse of the overall scenario and Contact details are provided you can call, message or email your queries on the details provided.



  1. Personal recommendations are the best way to find builder. Ask your friends, family, neighbors, and tradesman they have a great knowledge and their personal experience will help to make a better choice.


  1. Go online visit sites such as 99acres.com, ratedpeople.com, magicbrics.com, homefinder.com these sites will help you with lots of options based on your preferences such as size, price, facilities, and location.


  1. You can make use of your designer as many designers have knowledge about best contractors around the city and they know your tastes and preferences and will suggest you a best contractor as per requirement.


These are the 5 best ways which will help you to find a best builder in Pune and will find you your dream home.

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Are you buying a house in India??


It is said that once you get cheated by someone you never believe on that person or thing. Buying something comes with a price and it is very difficult for someone to accept any kind of mess after the thing is purchased. When we don’t get something the way we had expected we feel cheated and to avoid that one must take decisions very carefully and with proper knowledge. So here are something’s which you need to know before buying a house in India.

I will share a personal experience with you guys. Three years ago one of my relative had invested in a residential project in Mumbai. She met me yesterday and I asked her about the likely date of possession. I was stunned by the news which she gave me, she told me that she still have not got the possession though she has made whole payment and even she got to know that the building comes under earthquake zone and no precautionary measures are taken by the builder. This is just not the case of my relative there are many people who experience such kind of deceit from their builders and can’t do much about it. Over the years builders have come up with many tricks and tactics to cretin the investor.

Let’s see the common tactics used by the builder to cheat an investor:


  1. Stylish sample flats: We humans like to fantasize and like to believe that pleases our eyes. We live in a materialistic world where something which is expensive and unique catches our eyes and builders take advantage of such innocent human behavior. They show investor something which is not really true and makes the investor believe that their dream flat will look just the same.


  1. Possession date: Builders never mention the possession date in contract and thus take an advantage of this situation. Always make sure that the possession date is mention in contract and all the legal formalities are done before hand so that in case of fraud you can file a complaint against the builder.


  1. Fake discounts: While going through certain websites you get to see builders offering discounts and things for free. Never believe on such deals. Get all the information before going for any deal because no builder pays extra money from his pocket it is the buyer who has to pay to get extra facilities.


  1. Illegal land: It is observed that the builder never mentions about the illegal issues and later it is found out that the land was coming under flood prone area or earthquake zone. It creates problems for investors in future as Government may bring stay on construction of building or can take serious actions against the builder but this in turn affects the buyer as he suffers a loss.


  1. Fake Information: It so happens that a builder tells you that 90% of flats are sold out and only 10% are remaining and they pressurize you to take the flat. Never believe on that information it is their trick to sell a flat to you, never take any decision in hurry gather enough information and then make a right choice.

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Brilliant ideas to Make Your Place Look Stunning

When we talk about a house i.e. our own house, the first and foremost thing that hits our mind is to make that place dazzling and mesmerizing.  To make your apartment look stylish and luxurious, you don’t need to spend lots of money. You just need simple and brilliant ideas to make your place look stunning and awesome. In this blog, we have mentioned the best and brilliant hacks that can make your place look unique and eye-catching space.

Rich Hue Wall paint


If you want to make your place look stunning and different from others, firstly go with rich hue wall colors. They can entirely change the face of your walls and eventually of your apartment. Warm tone like orange, yellow, chocolate brown always go well with your apartments. These warm tone colors not only give you and your family energetic feel but also encourage your friends and relatives to sit around for long hours and talk.

Soothing and light-weight Curtains


A room without curtains is like a dress without jewelry. Curtains add luxurious and elegant touch to any place that is dull. There are many online stores that sell curtains on affordable prices. You can purchase light-weight and warm colors in curtains. They will facelift your place and make it the most happening place ever. If your room walls are bright, go for light colors like cream color, baby pink color, and more. Light curtain colors give perfect complement to dark wall colors.

Add Rugs to the Floor


The most inexpensive way to add extraordinary and artwork to your floors of your apartment is to add rugs. They are the best choice to change the face of your bedrooms, living rooms entirely.  Buy some beautiful rugs full of art works from online stores or physical store and add them to your all rooms to give elegant touch to your whole apartment.

If you are thinking of buying a new apartment in Pune or thinking of changing the face of your old apartment, hope the above mentioned ideas you will try in your apartment. In our next blogs we will share about how to use recycling things to do home décor without breaking the bank.

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Facelift Your Cooking Area with Amazing Ideas

Having a property or buying a new is not sufficient nowadays; your place needs a facelift to so that it becomes a happening place, eye-catching destination for relatives, guests, and friends. When we talk about a home or an apartment or a flat, kitchen is said to be the heart where the aroma of food exists. Let’s pay some great attention to your kitchen. We have assembled great ideas ranging from classic contemporary to colorful art for you. If you are planning to change the face of your kitchen, don’t forget to check our amazing ideas.

Contemporary Design


It’s simple design can grab anyone’s attention and perfectly suits your family requirements. This kitchen is made in such a manner that it makes a perfect blend of cooking and dine. Cooking and serving process will go well here without any hassles. The lamp shades are adding amazing touch to its walls and cabinets.

Minimalistic design


Check out this place, it embodies a big sack of design elements. The color of cabinets is giving good complement to its walls. The lamp shades, wall paintings, dinning set, wooden objects gives natural feel.

Modern Design


This place contains amazing features like the clear marble effect worktops, a wood-grain effect – creating a striking combination. Each element in this kitchen is giving a good complement to each other. The interior of this kitchen is quite glossy and catches almost everyone’s attention. You should incorporate these intricate and beautiful designs in your kitchen and make your kitchen look different from others.

 Colorful design


If you are planning to revamp your old kitchen, you can go with colorful themes. Colorful kitchen usually catches kid’s attention. This kitchen is full of bright colors and goes well with walls. Keep this bold and colorful kitchen in mind while revamping your own kitchen.

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Mistakes Home Buyers Make In A Seller’s Market


Hello Buyers, if you are looking for a home in a seller’s market, the first and foremost thing you need a perfect plan in place to avoid making silly mistakes. We all know most of the time, the real estate market fluctuates, and making it onerous to predict whether the market will favor buyers or sellers when it’s time to buy a new home. Every buyer in a seller market can get what he or she wants, but they need to be decisive. Understanding the necessity of buyer, here we are sharing some common mistakes that buyers make in a seller’s market.

Are you working with an Inexperienced Agent?

Working with a real estate agent saves tons of time and keep you stress-free, as they know the pros and cons of the process and can provide incredible insights regarding upcoming inventory. If you have a qualified and an experienced agent on your side, you’ll definitely have a better chance of getting the home you want. It is important for any buyers to choose only experienced buyer who has an in-depth knowledge of real estate developers, the real estate terms, and much more.

Are you over-analyzing the purchase price?

If you are over-analyzing the purchase price of a home in a seller’s market, you are definitely losing a good deal. Once you’ve determined the type of home you want, the locations you need, and your price range, don’t wait to make a quick offer. In order to give yourself more leverage, we suggest you to prepare yourself to move quickly by having your finances in order – first get the preapproval. If you are going to invest in your dream home, you should know how much you can afford, fix your cyclic debt issues, have your down payment in hand, and delay other non-priority purchases.

Are you not making your best offer?

People when see the listing price of any property, they naturally wonder what they can really get the property for. Offering lower than asking price is a reasonable strategy, especially when the house is overpriced if compared with other similar home in nearby areas. But trying to get a correct deal when a buyer i.e you in a seller’s market might not be the best option. We recommend buyers to come in with a strong opening offer.

If you are looking for the reliable and top real estate developers in Pune, Come over to Karia Developers. They keep both their projects and price list transparent. The best thing about Karia is they offer flats that fulfill the needs of buyers, ranging from middle-class families to business tycoons. You don’t need any agent, or to do over-analyzing process on this top-rated builder.

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Alluring Bedroom Styles That Will Inspire You

When you want to experiment with different interior design styles, no other place is perfect than bedrooms. Bedrooms are considered as a wonderful catalyst of personal expression. Today, people prefer to have bedrooms that not only give them space to relax, expression of personal feelings, but also an alluring style that inspires others too.  In addition to this, people go for bold and more adventurous than ever so there’s never been a better time to explore new stylish ways to add elegance to your bedrooms. When brainstorming bedroom ideas, the most important thing to remember is that the bedroom is an expression of who you are. Keep the following stylish bedroom ideas in your mind:

Bring Nature to your Bedroom


If you really love nature and want to live anywhere near it. Nature elements like woods can add a lot of character to your bedroom décor. You can use it for flooring as well as for the furniture and other things.  Bringing nature to your bedroom makes you feel calm, at peace and above all greeted into a space. Choosing natural bedroom styles that resonate with your personal style is the first step for bringing nature to your bedroom. This stylish décor gives you a great way to surprise your guests, your family, and friends. You can make your bedroom look elegant without breaking the bank.

Airy-Fairy Bedroom


Large unembellished windows, eye-catching and bright white walls, simple relaxed styling, and a big and comfy bed are the best elements that make your bedroom look airy-fairy place. Incorporating large windows into your bedroom maximizes sun light, ventilation, and natural view. A pair of stylish table lamps gives elegant and extra-ordinary touch to your bed as well as your bedroom. Matching pillows filled with a collection of quotes and polka dots and paintings decorate room in a random pattern.

Minimalist Bedrooms


How about a bedroom that pleases your soul after a long and busy day? I suggest you should go with a minimalist bedroom. This Zen space will be a perfect balm for you. Adding marble walls to your room gives a subtle extravagant touch to your bedroom. Soft fabric enriched with two asymmetric lamps gives your place an interesting look.

Hope you love these alluring bedroom décor ideas. Next time when you want to revamp your old or new bedroom, try aforementioned ideas. These will add elegant and stylish touch to your bedroom. If you are looking for spacious, airy-fairy 1 BHK or 2BHK Flats in Wagholi , we suggest you to go for Karia Developers. They have ultimate choices for you.

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Apartment Therapy: Let’s See How to Bring Colors into Your Home

We know color has the power to entirely change the atmosphere and ambiance of any space. Using colors to enhance a home make its inhabitants feel more peaceful and cheerful is the best way to combat any sense of negativity that they may feel in their place. Here are some best ways to dip your toe in the ocean of colors:

Colorful Walls


Choose the right paint colors that can flatter everyone in the room, bring good energy to your space and keep everyone’s mood happy. Some best-all-around colors to make your space feel special are: cloud white, cal poly Pomona green color, cyan, white smoke, cornsilk, etc.  The collection of gray and blue shades give luxury look to any space and trick the eye into thinking a room is more expansive that it is.

Colorful Pillows


Pillows are the best way to bring elegance into your home. Colorful pillows can transfer any place’s décor and deliver a bold color statement. It gives comfort as well as adds elegance to couch, sofa and whole room. You can make your own pillows at home and make your place look astonishing for visitors.

Colorful Lampshades


Colorful lampshades are the best décor items to amp up your room. Use lampshades that go well with the room interior and other punchy panoply of vibrant hues. Choose those lampshades that add undeniable vitality to your room while remaining as neutral as the color of your walls.

Colorful Flowers


Don’t skip Mother Nature when you’re making your mind on ways to add colors to your room. Adding natural flowers to your room is the best and the most inexpensive way to add colors to your room. If you want to feel good throughout the day, that’s what fresh and colorful flowers can do for you and your family, friends. Most importantly, adding flowers to your home not only make your home look beautiful but also topples stress, increase happiness, and improve emotional contact with your family.

Next time, when you think of adding colors to your home, don’t forget to read the above-mentioned points. If you’re about to get the possession of your flat from top real estate developers in Pune – Karia Developers, don’t forget to do colorful therapy of your apartment.

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